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ITAD Services

Safe and Secure IT Decommissioning and Disposal Services

ITAD is the process of decommissioning IT hardware and disposing of the components safely. Most electrical products used in households or businesses can be recycled through ITAD. A simple rule of thumb is that if you can plug it in or charge it you can Recycle it. This is why Ucan Recycle it!

Our purpose is to work with UK businesses to ensure that a proactive approach is taken with the equipment you no longer use. We will either safely decommission collected hardware and equipment or repurpose items for reuse. By collaborating with us you will be saving tons of e-waste from entering landfills across the globe.

Don’t leave IT waste or data destruction to chance, get in touch with our team now to discuss our ITAD services and offers.

ITAD Devices

Any device that can be plugged in or charged has the potential to be recycled through ITAD. Examples of this are mobile phones, office phones, desktop computers, tablets, laptops, servers, switches, monitors, etc. ITAD is traditionally used in corporate work as it’s a way to wipe sensitive information from data-bearing IT equipment. In choosing ITAD, all hardware will be wiped and decommissioned so it has no connection to your business whatsoever.

At Ucan secure IT we work with UK businesses on projects to ensure that redundant hardware is completely wiped and broken down. We understand that a 1 size-fits-all approach doesn’t work in the ever-changing business world. Instead, we incorporate customised ITAD support into all our business recycling partnerships. We are committed to helping your business safely and securely recycle large volumes of e-waste devices.

Evolving Workplaces – ITAD

Modern businesses are more inclined to downgrade their physical office footprint and move their data centres to cloud-based solutions. Therefore, ITAD is fast becoming a core requirement for companies to demonstrate their recycling credentials. Old IT devices will always need to be recycled safely and securely, that’s a fact.

In 2022 Ucan secure IT has seen a 36% increase in new requests for ITAD services, largely because more and more employees working in remote positions. It’s forecast that over 60% of the UK workforce will be offered more opportunities to work flexibly in 2023 and beyond. This means an opportunity for UK businesses to form recycling partnerships with Ucan secure IT to ensure that data cleansing and asset disposal is being properly managed.

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Protecting Your Data And Our Planet

We care about our planet and we are proud to say that we are a zero-waste business. This means that we recycle and reuse everything we collect, ensuring that your unused IT equipment doesn't end up in a landfill! In most cases, we are able to offer a free collection of your redundant IT equipment. We regularly collect in Leeds, Bradford, West Yorkshire, and across the UK. We collect all types of IT equipment including Laptops, Computers, Monitors, Mobile Phones, Tablets, Hard Drives, Servers, Networks, Cables, Printers, and more.

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Why Choose Us


We will collect your unwanted computers, laptops and other IT equipment normally at no cost to you.


Our large electronic recycling centre is based in Bradford and we collect regularly in Leeds, Yorkshire and the rest of the UK.


You can be assured peace of mind when you use our service. We adhere to strict processes in data removal and destruction.


We’re closely monitored & licensed by the Environment Agency to ensure we abide by best practice.


We have won numerous awards for the work we do to help the unemployed get back into work.


Any data destruction agreement is certified with a certificate of destruction for complete peace of mind.


Got IT equipment you want to sell? We also buy equipment so please call us to discuss.


We are a zero waste company which means we reuse and recycle everything we collect.


Established WEEE recyclers since 2010 – you can be assured you are dealing with a reputable company.

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