Frequently Asked Questions

Our company’s history and goals to provide secure IT disposal services.

How much does IT recycling cost?

Most of our clients enjoy free collection services for 20 computer items and above. You may also qualify for free data wiping and disposal. Please check our current offers when booking with Ucan Secure IT.

How do your free collections work?

It depends on the equipment type, quality and quantity of kit you have available. We will also consider a customer’s location when booking jobs in. Please check our free eligibility when booking with Ucan Secure IT.

Do you provide both domestic and commercial services?

Ucan Secure IT provides a specialist service offer to commercial businesses and domestic customers. Commercial customers benefit from Ucans collection services. We have drop-off centres for domestic customers who can take small domestic IT related items there for recycling. Please check qualifying options when booking with Ucan Secure IT.

Do you buy equipment and how much will you pay?

We do buy equipment old and new. Valuations depend on the kit type, quality and quantity of items. Please check our buying prices when booking with Ucan Secure IT.

What happens to my old computer equipment?

Computer equipment that has successfully been data wiped can be reused with the customer’s agreement. Any devices that are broken, have faults or have obsolete technology will be recycled safely. Please check what can be re-used or recycled when booking with Ucan Secure IT.

What IT equipment can be recycled?

We collect and recycle all varieties of e-waste equipment related to IT / Tech / Electronics in new or used condition. Please check qualifying items when booking with Ucan Secure IT.

How often do you collect?

Our fleet operates nationwide Mon-Sat and we will collect as fast as you need us to. Standard collection hours are 8am-4pm but we will always work with customers to find a timing plan that works for them. Please check the timings when booking with Ucan Secure IT.

Can I drop e-waste equipment off?

Yes, equipment can be dropped off at one of our facilities in Bradford. Simply book the drop off in via phone, email or website prior to dropping off. Please check drop-off details when booking with Ucan Secure IT.

Will all confidential data be securely destroyed?

For each item we collect, we will perform the destruction of all forms of data including the removal of labels, references, configurations and traces of previous ownership. We have various levels of data destruction available to suit each customer’s needs. Please check data destruction options when booking with Ucan Secure IT.

How safe & secure is your service?

Data security is of the utmost importance at Ucan Secure IT. We adhere to an extensive Data Security Risk Assessment Control Plan which is regularly reviewed; this ensures all risks are evaluated with suitable controls applied. Our services include the management of personnel data, physical security, cyber security and understanding each device that we process. Please check our available secure services when booking with Ucan Secure IT.

What certificated documents do you supply to customers?

Each time you use Ucan Secure IT, you’ll be provided with a Collection Booking & Waste Transfer Form along with a customisable Data Destruction Certificate. Please check our certification when booking with Ucan Secure IT.

What areas do you cover?

The Ucan Secure IT fleet covers nationwide collections. Please check available collection dates when booking with Ucan Secure IT.

Should the equipment being collected need to be boxed or palletised?

Not necessarily but it does speed up the loading process if items are boxed or palletised and ready for collection. Our team will always support the customer wherever needed and is pro-active when performing collections. Please discuss your collection requirements when booking with Ucan Secure IT.

Do you use contractors?

No, we will only ever use our own employees who are specially trained in ITAD, WEEE, Hazardous Waste Management and manual handling of secure IT devices. Please discuss your requirements when booking with Ucan Secure IT.

Are you GDPR and WEEE compliant?

Our services are GDPR and WEEE compliant. Please discuss any further info you may have when booking with Ucan Secure IT.

What accreditations or certifications do you have?

Ucan Secure IT is accredited to international standards including ISO 9001 Quality, ISO 14001 Environmental, Health and Safety, Business Continuity, Zero to Waste Management along with investing in industry-leading safe practices. Please ask about our certifications when booking with Ucan Secure IT.

Do you data erase IT equipment in order to reuse it?

Yes, we can offer this service which helps promote a circular economy. Please discuss your options when booking with Ucan Secure IT.

Do you have references available?

Yes, we can provide many examples of references, testimonials and 5-star reviews from happy customers. Please check out our website or Google reviews when booking with Ucan Secure IT.

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