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We Collect & Recycle Your Redundant IT 


Dispose of Your Electronics Responsibly with Ucan Secure IT

If you’re seeking a reliable destination to responsibly recycle your electricals, Ucan Secure IT in Bradford is your go-to Electronic Waste Disposal hub. We specialise in gathering and recycling unwanted IT equipment, spanning from computers and laptops to servers, phones, and printers. Committed to being a ZEROWASTE entity, we ensure the eco-friendly disposal of your electronics.

Our Extensive Services for Electronic Waste Recycling:

Tailored Recycling Solutions: Whether you’re an individual with a small batch of electronic waste or a business with surplus IT equipment, our services encompass hassle-free asset management, nationwide collections, and tailored collection options in Bradford. We prioritise responsible Electrical Recycling in the area.

WEEE Recycling Expertise: With over a decade’s expertise in Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE) recycling, our adept team handles your e-waste with utmost care, adhering to the highest environmental standards for responsible Electronic Waste Disposal.

Effortless Collection Services:

  • For individuals: Avail our prepaid packing for convenient shipping of your electronic equipment, simplifying the Electronic Waste Collection process.
  • For businesses: Benefit from our complimentary collection service covering Bradford, Yorkshire, and across the UK, ensuring seamless Electronic Waste Disposal.

Why Opt for Ucan Secure IT for Your Electrical Recycling Needs?

Sustainable Approaches: As seasoned WEEE recyclers since 2010, we dedicate ourselves to offering straightforward, economical, and sustainable solutions for businesses of all scales, promoting eco-friendly Electrical Recycling practices.

Nationwide Reach: Our adaptable fleet ensures nationwide collection services, making it effortless for you to responsibly dispose of your obsolete IT equipment, echoing the importance of Recycle Your Electricals on a wider spectrum.

Diverse Collection Options: Our comprehensive collection options cater to an array of electronic devices, accommodating various Recycle Your Electricals needs, from laptops and computers to servers and switches.

Certificates of Destruction: Rest assured, our services are accompanied by certificates of destruction, guaranteeing the secure handling of your data throughout the entire Electrical Recycling process.

Ready to responsibly Recycle Your Electricals? Get in touch with our proficient team today to explore our free local collection offer. Choose Ucan Secure IT for dependable, sustainable, and trouble-free Electronic Waste Collection and Electrical Recycling solutions tailored for your business in Bradford.

Our Accreditations


Trusted By Leading UK Organisations

Protecting Your Data And Our Planet

We care about our planet and we are proud to say that we are a zero-waste business. This means that we recycle and reuse everything we collect, ensuring that your unused IT equipment doesn't end up in a landfill! In most cases, we are able to offer a free collection of your redundant IT equipment. We regularly collect in Leeds, Bradford, West Yorkshire, and across the UK. We collect all types of IT equipment including Laptops, Computers, Monitors, Mobile Phones, Tablets, Hard Drives, Servers, Networks, Cables, Printers, and more.

Our Process

Ucan Secure IT is licensed to collect/repair any redundant IT equipment (WEEE). A typical collection arranged with us goes like this:


Step 1

Equipment is collected and carried safely in our vehicles to our industrial warehouse located in Buttershaw, Bradford.

Step 2

Once here at Ucan, the collected equipment is bar-coded and allocated a reference number for asset tracking.

Step 3

Equipment is then visually inspected and categorised for either disposal or refurbishment/reuse.

Step 4

A certificate of Destruction/Disposal (C.O.D.) is issued for each item to give you peace of mind that all data is either erased or destroyed.

Step 5

We remove all company references and security markings from equipment. If security markings cannot be removed, equipment will automatically be forwarded for breakdown and disposal.

Step 6

Equipment allocated for re-marketing is then subjected to a functionality test and graded depending on condition. Asset reports of the equipment are offered for your perusal as a hard copy or as an electronic file.

1000's of Satisfied Customers

Our 5 star reviews speak for themselves, read more reviews on Google.


Why Choose Us


We will collect your unwanted computers, laptops, and other IT equipment normally at no cost.


Our large electronic recycling centre is based in Bradford and we collect regularly in Leeds, Yorkshire and the rest of the UK.


AATF Approved By The Environment Agency - meaning you can trust in our approach to be professional, ethical and secure.


We're closely monitored & licensed by the Environment Agency to ensure we abide by best practice.


We're proud to say we have won numerous awards for the work we do to help the unemployed get back into work.


Any data destruction agreement is certified with a certificate of destruction for complete peace of mind.


Got IT equipment you want to sell? We also buy equipment so please call us to discuss.


We are a zero-waste company, meaning we reuse and recycle everything we collect - none of our waste goes to landfill.


Established WEEE recyclers since 2010 - you can be assured you are dealing with a reputable company.

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