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Nationwide Secure Data Destruction Services

Ucan Secure IT is a reputable and trusted hard drive and data destruction service operating in Leeds, Bradford, West Yorkshire, and throughout the UK. It is crucial for businesses to correctly and securely dispose of their IT equipment to protect sensitive and confidential data, as well as comply with GDPR regulations. Improper disposal methods can lead to data breaches, which can cause significant financial and reputational damage to a company.

Ucan Secure IT can guarantee that your data is destroyed securely and we provide certificates of destruction for your peace of mind. We have been the trusted data destruction partner to large corporate businesses, associations, charities, and the civil service.

By using our data destruction services, businesses can ensure that their hard drives and redundant IT equipment are disposed of securely and that any sensitive data is destroyed completely. We are fully regulated and monitored by the Environment Agency and follow best practice industry standards. We offer different options in data destruction including hard drive shredding, hard drive erasing, and hard drive degaussing.

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Types Of Data Destruction


A simply destructive way to protect your data

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Because all companies have different security policies, we offer either an on-site or back-at-base shredding service. For those companies where the policy is to keep all hard drives on-site until destroyed, we can bring our hard drive shredder to you and carry out the destruction supervised by your staff. Offsite hard drive shredding is where any hard drives brought back to Ucan Recycling will be securely stored, then shredded, a certificate of destruction is provided when requested for your files. We will also issue a Waste Transfer Note which is signed by both the transferor and the transferee.


Using leading and trusted industry software

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Also known as data wiping. Using the best software packages available: Using industry-leading software, we can securely delete all files from data-bearing devices. This is a quick and effective method of removing data from drives and the beauty of wiping means that the drives can also be reused. We always carry out data wiping as standard when a client doesn’t stipulate another method and we offer this service free of charge. For any devices that fail during wiping, they will be degaussed to ensure total data security.


Belt and braces magnetised destruction

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With a powerful magnetic field that can completely erase data in less than a second, our degausser guarantees a secure data destruction process, carried out to military standards. Recommended by the Department of Defence and GCHQ (British Government) this fully automatic machine not only removes the hassle of manually deleting the information, but it also provides total confidence that the data can never be recovered using an approved Verity Systems Datagone Machine.

Protecting Your Data And Our Planet

We care about our planet and we are proud to say that we are a zero-waste business. This means that we recycle and reuse everything we collect, ensuring that your unused IT equipment doesn’t end up in a landfill! In most cases, we are able to offer a free collection of your redundant IT equipment. We regularly collect in Leeds, Bradford, West Yorkshire, and across the UK. We collect all types of IT equipment including Laptops, Computers, Monitors, Mobile Phones, Tablets, Hard Drives, Servers, Networks, Cables, Printers, and more.

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Why Choose Us


We will collect your unwanted computers, laptops, and other IT equipment normally at no cost.


Our large electronic recycling centre is based in Bradford and we collect regularly in Leeds, Yorkshire and the rest of the UK.


AATF Approved By The Environment Agency - meaning you can trust in our approach to be professional, ethical and secure.


We're closely monitored & licensed by the Environment Agency to ensure we abide by best practice.


We're proud to say we have won numerous awards for the work we do to help the unemployed get back into work.


Any data destruction agreement is certified with a certificate of destruction for complete peace of mind.


Got IT equipment you want to sell? We also buy equipment so please call us to discuss.


We are a zero-waste company, meaning we reuse and recycle everything we collect - none of our waste goes to landfill.


Established WEEE recyclers since 2010 - you can be assured you are dealing with a reputable company.

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