Team socials are always ultra-competitive at Ucan and our latest adrenaline-fuelled outing was no different. The venue was booked at Teamsport indoor Karting in Bradford and the drivers arrived ready to race!

3… 2… 1… and it’s Go Go Go! What ensued over the next 45 minutes can only be described as 40mph mayhem on the track. The smell of burning tyre rubber filled the air along with the odd ‘holy crap’ shout as racers navigated the bends. Hearts were racing wildly, and competitiveness reached maximum levels in the final lap as drivers raced to see the chequered flag first. 

It’s fair to say that everyone wanted to earn that podium finish but there can only be 1 winner. And that winner was Rob Seal, closely followed by Chris Porter in 2nd and Vinnie Hgoang in 3rd.

In true Ucan style, Rob accepted the winner’s trophy and dedicated his performance on the track to eating 2 Weetabix before entering the race. Legendary stuff.

Another great team social and we’re already busy planning the next one.