International E-Waste Day | 14th October 2023

Did you know that there were almost 350 Million Metric Tonnes of unrecycled e-waste on Earth in 2023? This is a global issue that demands our attention and action immediately.

On Saturday 14 October 2023, Ucan Secure IT is helping support IEWD by raising awareness of the environmental impact that e-waste has, and what needs to change in the industry. Our mission is to manage e-waste responsibly with businesses to make our planet greener.

Fact: Only 17% of e-waste is known to be collected and properly recycled. We must change that statistic by working collaboratively with companies across the UK. We can make a difference!

Speaking this week with Rachel Vann at Lloyds, one of the UK’s leading banking groups, they have recently set sustainability targets to become net zero by 2030. ‘Rachel said ‘Internally we are encouraging our 60,000 colleagues to reuse and recycle old tech safely through our IT infrastructure. This is one of many projects that we will incorporate into our business operational plan to support environmental issues.

E-waste and the management of this important resource has become top topics in boardrooms across the world as leaders understand that this issue is growing not slowing.

In 2023 Ucan Secure IT has worked with local charities to take over 3 tonnes of e-waste out of their landfill waste streams and place the materials back into reuse or recycled waste streams. Speaking with Gareth Williams at Ucan Secure IT he’s excited about the opportunities ahead. Gareth said ‘Think of our business as e-sourcers and not e-wasters! After all, the reuse of repurposed equipment is far better than recycling, although every tech item will eventually reach its end-of-life limit. We want to work with more corporate businesses to help them understand the importance of managing e-waste responsibly.
Don’t ignore the facts or stats. It’s time to break the cycle and recycle! We can all do more to spread the word, raise awareness, and take steps to responsibly dispose of old technology.

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Ucan Secure IT specialises in data sanitisation of all tech-bearing equipment through its expert processing methods. Only then will the equipment be ready for its journey into repurposing, reusing or recycling. We work nationally in all sectors of business and industry to be a market leader in the safe, secure disposal of all IT equipment.