E-Waste World I Battery Recycling I Metal Recycling EXPO 2023
28-29 June Frankfurt

Ucan Secure IT recently attended the world’s biggest E-waste recycling EXPO in Frankfurt with the intention of widening the range of refiners we use to refine our supply of circuit boards.

As one of the UK’s biggest circuit board buyers, Ucan Secure IT is constantly testing and grading refiners around the world to ensure we are getting the best terms and recycling prices.

Ucan Secure IT held meetings with the world’s most reputable refiners and although we currently have 2 export notifications already in place, we are looking to establish 2 more to ensure we have a breadth of refiners covered from different continents.

Rob Seal, MD, said “It’s important we work with a variety of refiners as they all have their specialisms. Some are stronger at high-grade materials while others are more capable at medium or low-grade circuit boards. We have extensive expertise in circuit boards and valuable metals to guarantee that we are sending the appropriate boards to the most appropriate refiners’’

Attending the event has been a huge success with E-Waste World I Battery Recycling I Metal Recycling 2023 setting a new benchmark for the recycling industry. This reinforces the importance of collaboration and innovation in tackling the global challenges posed by electronic waste and the sustainable management of batteries and metals. Ucan Secure IT will certainly be attending next year’s event held in Frankfurt.